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Books Are magic
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Books Are Magic: Ten Imaginary Stories:

No Illustrations, Only Text:

The title of this book is the name of the first story, "Books Are Magic". The story is about a young boy, that starts reading a book, than quickly starts to day dream that he's in the story.

This book is not illustrated!

Table Of Contents

1.Books Are Magic ..817 Words
2.Dreams in a Book ..913 Words
3.I Believe In Dreams ..643 Words
4.What Are Dreams Mommy? ..752 Words
5.The Boy Dreamed He Could Fly Upside Down ..669 Words
6.The Bowling Gang Party ..705 Words
7.My Computer Mouse Can Talk ..694 Words
8.The Candle Stick Gang ..565 Words
9.The Talking Dishes ..901 Words
10.The Talking Fishing Lures ..2008 Words

Age group for this book is 6 and up, but a great book to read to much younger children also.

There is no illustrations in this book, only text.
All stories are imaginary stories. A great book of stories to read to your children.

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